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Parties & School Functions
Rent the Hatsuyuki HC-S32A Ice Shaver and adding some extra (sp)ice to your party!
Daily Rental cost R650 per day and includes a FREE starter pack of – 2 x Flavoured Syrups, 50 Cups & Spoons, 2 x Bags of Ice.

Restaurants, Cocktail Bars
Replace those awful ice crushers with the cost effective and efficient Hatsuyuki HC-S32A Ice Shaver

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Perfect Cocktails with Shave Ice

Perfect Cocktails with Shave IceCocktails and mixed drinks would be nowhere without ice. And shaved ice makes a huge difference by adding a real Hawaiian touch!

The ice shaver machine from Hatsuyuki can produce both fine, snow-like ice through to the coarser ice required in cocktails. Cocktail bars know the pain of using ice blenders which are not designed for what you need:
  • they're too slow and cannot deliver the cocktails as fast as your customers' want them; and
  • they break many times a year as they are not designed for the job!
Hatsuyuki's ice shaver machine produces ice 7x faster, with consistent texture and it's easy to use!  Put the shaved ice in a cocktail shaker; pour in ready to use cocktail mix and alcohol; shake and pour. No time or expertise needed! A perfect cocktail every time.

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Shave ice cocktails
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